Endovenous Ablation

What is Endovenous Ablation?

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Endovenous ablation refers to a host of minimally-invasive treatments for chronic venous insufficiency. We use these treatments on fairly straight veins that experienced valve failure, which led to blood pooling in the leg.

For most patients, we use these procedures to treat the great saphenous vein which is in the inner part of the calf and thigh. We also use these methods to treat the small saphenous veins, perforating veins, and accessory great saphenous veins.

If your doctor suggests vein stripping, hospitalization, or general anesthesia we recommend getting a second opinion from a vein specialist.

In the past decade, endovenous ablation has changed the way we approach vein treatment. It has replaced vein stripping in all but a select few special cases. These endovenous ablation procedures are designed to be done in an office setting. Hospitalization and general anesthesia are not necessary.

Radiofrequency Endovenous Ablation

Radiofrequency endovenous ablation (RFA) is similar to EVLT in that it uses the heat to treat abnormal veins. However, instead of using laser energy, we use RF energy produced by a catheter to close the affected veins.

We perform RFA using the Venclose™ RF Ablation System.

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